Lens replacement surgery could be the next step for Chris Evans

Radio star Chris Evans has revealed that he now needs reading glasses, several years after undergoing laser eye surgery – a common issue that Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham can help to resolve.

Chris underwent laser eye surgery in 2013 and says the treatment left him with such improved eyesight that he no longer needed glasses. Last month he even revealed live on air that since the procedure, he only continues to wear his distinctive spectacles (with clear lenses) in order to look like the Chris Evans we all know!

However, more recently Chris admitted that he now needs his paperwork to be printed in a larger font and has been forced to buy reading glasses.

Although laser eye surgery treatments such as the LASIK and LASEK procedures can produce brilliant results for the under-50s, at the age of 53, Chris would now be a strong candidate for lens replacement surgery.

This is a more permanent treatment for someone like Chris, whose original lens will still be in place. As the lens in our eye ages, our vision can deteriorate.

The solution is lens replacement surgery, in which the lens is gently softened and removed using an ultrasound instrument. It is then replaced with one of the latest state-of-the-art intraocular lenses – offering improved vision that has transformed thousands of lives, thanks to our highly experienced eye surgeon Mark Wevill.

The procedure is painless and takes just 10 minutes, so why not see if lens replacement surgery could work wonders for you too?

Our extensive 90-minute eye analysis will ensure that we make the right recommendation for you and your vision. So, whether you’ve had laser eye surgery in the past and are seeking further treatment, or the experience is entirely new, you can rest assured that improved vision is in store for you at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham.

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