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MEDICAL MISSIONS Eswatini - The Blind See

The dedicated staff of Medical Missions Eswatini (MME) based at the Good Shepherd Hospital (GSH) Eye Clinic in the remote mountains of eastern Eswatini (previously Swaziland) see 25 000 patients & do over a 1000 sight saving operations a year. 

They transform lives with support from individuals like us & others including CBM International, the Lions, Rotary, the Eswatini Government, the World Health Organisation & the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. The patients come from hundreds of miles away from as far away Mozambique & South Africa to see again.

The Story of Titus:

Titus lives in a remote village in the Lebombo mountains of Eswatini. He & his wife were blinded by cataracts. His daughter runs a small shop so she couldn’t care for him all day. His 14 year old grandson was herding Titus’ goats but his schooling was being affected. When Titus’ vision deteriorated further he couldn’t plant his crops & was facing a hungry winter. The MME vision assessment team came to his village & a few days later he had sight saving cataract surgery. His wife has had surgery too & now they plant crops, herd goats & feed their chickens. His daughter can focus on her business & his grandson is getting on with his studies. Titus’ life has been changed from dependency to dignity & the whole family’s quality of life has improved.

You too can help:

You too can sponsor a patient like Titus to have cataract surgery, change a life and restore his or her dignity and it will only cost £35 in Eswatini. If you have surgery with us & you make a £35 donation to the clinic, please let us know & we’ll match your donation of £35 with a £35 donation of our own. Together we can help 2 patients like Titus see again. And perhaps Mark will do his / her surgery the next time he’s in Eswatini. 

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