Do you suffer from presbyopia? 

Do you wear reading glasses on a chain around your neck? Or do you refuse to do so? If you can’t face wearing them on a chain then you will have lots of reading glasses all over the place, but not with you when you need them. And you will be losing or & breaking reading glasses as fast as you buy them.

When you’ve lost your glasses the first place you probably look for them is on the top of your head. All of this is annoying, you have presbyopia & it can be corrected.

Presbyopia explained in 30 seconds

"Everything from start to finish has been perfect. I couldn't have hoped for better results or friendlier staff. I wish I had done it years ago!"

Presbyopia Affects Different Eyes in Different Ways

If you never wore glasses (emmetropia), it is frustrating to have to wear glasses for the first time to see nearby & read.

If you are hyperopic (farsighted), you need reading glasses when you are younger & later you need glasses to see in the distance (driving) & to see near objects (reading).

If you are myopic (short-sighted), you find that with contact lenses you can’t read & need reading glasses in addition to the lenses. And you can’t read with your glasses on so you take them off to read.

The lens inside your eyes is getting older & is no longer able to adjust from distance to near focus for reading, putting on makeup, seeing a phone or putting a screwdriver into a screw especially when the light is poor. This usually starts in your mid to late 40’s & you will start wearing glasses for the first time or you may need reading glasses over your contact lenses to read & do everything nearby.

It doesn’t matter if you have emmetropia (perfect vision naturally or from LASIK or other laser eye surgery), hyperopia (also known as hypermetropia or being farsighted) or myopia (short-sighted), you’ll need vision correction for your presbyopia. Glasses, contact lenses & laser eye surgery may correct the focus of your eyes when you’re young. But when presbyopia lens changes develop you will need those annoying reading or varifocal glasses. And your frustration will slowly increase. Presbyopia happens to everyone unfortunately & people say it makes them feel old. 

 Lens replacement or lens exchange surgery is a vision correction treatment which permanently stops your lens from ageing and improves both distance & near vision.  Monovision blended laser vision surgery is another good treatment which can turn back the clock & enable you to see near & distant objects without glasses. Blended monovision with the laser is not a permanent solution. 

Your vision can be rejuvenated and the clock can be turned back on presbyopic ageing of your vision by refractive lens exchange or laser eye surgery in the Birmingham eye clinic by Mark Wevill, an ophthalmologist who has 20 years of vision correction surgery experience. He’s an eye surgeon who has done thousands of laser blended vision, LASIK monovision & multifocal intraocular lenses procedures & many people from Birmingham & the West Midlands are now able to drive a car & read a book without glasses again. Read more about the treatment options.

Do you suffer from Presbyopia?

The best vision correction procedure is different for each of us & so are the prices. When you come for a consultation with the eye doctor in Birmingham we’ll advise you about the cost & find an affordable way to enjoy getting those reading glasses off your head.

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