Lens Replacement Surgery Costs

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Your vision is usually quite stable until your late 40’s. Thereafter, most people start having difficulty reading & seeing nearby. Then later your long distance vision may deteriorate. Why does this happen?

This happens because the natural lens in your eye hardens as it ages & can’t flex & adjust focus for near & distant objects any more.

Lens replacement surgery stops further deterioration of your vision & can be done at any stage of the ageing of your lens.

The end stage of this deterioration is when you can no longer see clearly even with glasses because your lens has become cloudy. This is the cataract stage of the ageing. Replacing the failing lens & restoring reading vision prevents the formation of a cataract later. Lens replacement surgery (also known as lens exchange surgery) can prevent or reduce the impact of other conditions like glaucoma too.

How Much Does Lens Replacement Surgery Cost?

Here at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham, the cost of lens replacement surgery starts from £2591 per eye. The price includes your consultation, eye health scans, surgery & aftercare. The price does not include the cost of LASIK, LASEK & YAG if required afterwards.

We want to help make vision correction surgery affordable, so we have finance options available for lens replacement surgery patients, making the cost of lens exchange more manageable.

Lens replacement surgery cost per


Monofocal Lens Replacement:

*from £2591

 Multifocal Lens Replacement:

*from £2879

The cost of lens replacement surgery includes:

  • High tech lens implants chosen for you & considering your personal lifestyle & needs. 
  • Aftercare personally by Dr. Mark Wevill.

The cost of the lens replacement surgery may seem high, but the surgery is done by an experienced surgeon & team. Another important consideration is how much time you’ll spend with your surgeon. In most clinics, most if not all of your assessment, preoperative consultation & follow up appointments will not be done by a surgeon. In fact very little of your journey will be with your surgeon or even with the same clinician. 

With us, your preoperative consultation & follow up appointments will be with Dr Mark Wevill, a highly experienced lens replacement & cataract surgery surgeon who has done thousands of lens replacement surgeries, has achieved additional qualifications in vision correction surgery, & has written textbook chapters & articles which other surgeons refer to. Many other surgeons, doctors, optometrists & nurses have also trusted him to do their surgery.

We offer many different vision correction treatments & we will discuss the best solution for you. Lens replacement surgery is usually the best vision correction solution if you are aged over 50. Laser eye surgery is usually the best treatment for you if you are aged between about 18 & 55. And there are other vision correction solutions too.

If you would like to find out more about lens replacement surgery & the best lens to correct your vision, then please book a consultation with Dr Mark Wevill. We’ll talk about the which vision correction procedure is best for you or your loved one.

Our experienced vision correction surgeon, Dr Mark Wevill has performed over 10,000 vision correction surgeries. Many other surgeons, doctors, optometrists & nurses have trusted him to do their surgery too.

Book a consultation with Dr Mark Wevill to find out what type of vision correction would be best suited for you or your loved one.

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