Careful Vision Correction

with advanced laser & lens implant technology

Careful Vision Correction
with advanced laser & lens implant technology

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Careful Vision Correction
with advanced laser & lens implant technology

Mark Wevill has been awarded the iWantGreatCare certificate of excellence in 2023 for delivering outstanding care


A note from Dr Mark Wevill: 

“You’ve probably been thinking about lens or laser eye surgery for a while. But you only live once, so why not enjoy the best vision that you can now?

When you come to see me, we’ll design a personal, customised vision correction treatment plan for you based on the specific characteristics of your eyes, your needs & lifestyle.   

You’ll be cared for throughout your journey by me. Unlike elsewhere, you’ll meet me at your first consultation, your lens or laser eye surgery will be done by me in Birmingham & you’ll receive award winning care from me personally afterwards.

I’ve been correcting people’s vision for over 20 years & I’ve had laser eye surgery myself, so I know what you’ll experience as a patient & how much you can benefit from the treatment. You can find out more about how treatment could benefit you from some of my patient’s stories here.”

You’ll be cared for at The Westbourne Clinic in Birmingham, which has outstanding 5* reviews. And you’ll receive state of the art lasers & lens implants because I want you to have the best vision possible.


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Laser & LASIK Eye Surgery

Millions of people are enjoying the results of LASIK & LASEK laser eye surgery vision correction. Why is Laser and LASIK eye surgery so effective & popular?

Lens Replacement Surgery

If you need glasses for reading, then refractive lens exchange surgery could be the solution for you to enjoy life without glasses.

Visian ICL Surgery

If you're concerned about laser eye surgery or have a high focus error that can't be corrected by laser eye treatment, then Visian ICL's may be the answer for you.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts blur your vision making everyday tasks like driving & reading difficult. A quick, painless operation can rejuvenate your vision with new, advanced technology lenses.

What people say about lens & laser eye surgery

Amreeta | Radiographer

Amreeta | Radiographer

In September 2018, our patient Amreeta's journey from debilitating short sightedness to freedom from glasses was broadcast on the BBC1 program "One day that changed my life". She wanted to spend a few months exploring Asia & Australia but was worried about travelling to remote places with poor vision & dependant on her glasses and contact lenses. So we implanted tiny ICL lenses in her eyes and she went off on her adventure, feeding elephants in Thailand and skydiving in Australia. Read more about ICL lens surgery.


Visian ICL

Gary | Harley Owner & Engineer

Gary | Harley Owner & Engineer

Glasses were too much of a hassle for Gary at work and especially when touring on his Harley. Working with safety glasses over his glasses at work was difficult. And the final straw was when he went touring on his bike in Europe. If he got a text he says it was "helmet off, gloves off, reading glasses on, read the text on his phone, glasses off, gloves on, helmet on, then repeat when the reply text came through!" The treatment was painless and its been "absolutely fabulous" since then. Watch the video to hear Gary talk about his treatment.


Advanced Lens Replacement Surgery

Fay | Gravity Enduro Champion

Fay | Gravity Enduro Champion

RAF Flight Lieutenant Fay doesn't just ride a mountain bike. She is a sponsored, gravity enduro racer who loves the challenge of guiding her high tech, full suspension bike down rock and root covered single track, fuelled only by adrenalin. Since having her LASIK treatment, she has won UK events & competed on the world series circuit in Europe. LASIK helped get her there but it's mainly thanks to training hard, her sponsors and her greatest supporters: her man and her pup. Watch the video to hear Fay talk about her treatment.


LASIK Eye Surgery

Jake | IT Consultant & Wolf Runner

Jake | IT Consultant & Wolf Runner

Jake was struggling with his eyes drying out during long hours at a computer and when running especially in the dark winter months. When he started doing wild running and struggled with his first Wolf run (woods, obstacles, lakes & fields) he decided to have LASIK. Jake writes: "I'm extremely happy with the results of my surgery. I put up with being short sighted for many years, it's a brilliant feeling to be driving without glasses or going for a run and being able to see where I'm going! I'd recommend Mark & his team to anyone thinking of having this surgery. Many Thanks!"


LASIK Eye Surgery

Why Choose us for your eye Treatment?

Treatments include femtosecond, wavefront-optimised LASIK surgery, LASEK surgery, advanced excimer laser surface treatments, lens replacement surgery & cataract surgery with the latest multifocal lens implants, Visian ICLs & corneal cross-linking.

Eye Conditions



Aged 18 to 50?

You’re the ideal age for laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is also a solution if you’re older, but other vision correction treatments may be best for you. Laser eye surgery treatments include LASIK surgery & LASEK surgery. If you are too short sighted for LASIK & LASEK, then ICL lens implants may be best for you. 


Aged over 50?

Advanced lens replacement is usually the best treatment to enable you to see well in the distance & nearby. And lens replacement also prevents or treats cataracts. Improvements in distance & near vision can also be achieved with blended monovision LASIK & LASEK.



Mark Wevill is an ophthalmologist who provides many different vision correction treatments including lens replacement & laser eye surgery in Edgbaston, the medical heart of Birmingham.  Laser eye surgery vision correction solutions include LASIK, LASEK & SMILE. And there are many types of lens implants including multifocal, toric, EDOF & ICL’s. All these options can be confusing when you’re trying to work out the best treatment option for yourself.

So, to determine the best vision correction treatment for you, please come for a consultation. First, we’ll carry out advanced, high-tech eye scans at The Westbourne Centre in Birmingham. Mark, the surgeon, will examine your eyes, review your scans & recommend a tailor-made, customised vision correction plan specifically for you.

Visit our cost pages to learn more about how much vision correction procedures cost, and how much you can save over your lifetime.

Why continue with glasses or contact lenses with these great vision correction treatments available to you right here at our Birmingham clinic

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