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The struggle doesn't have to be real, you're one decision away from a different life with Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham. We can give you freedom from glasses & contact lenses.

Thousands of patients have improved their quality of life by having specialist eye treatment in Birmingham & Leamington Spa with us. You only live once, so why not enjoy the best vision?

Laser or lens treatment? Why not decide with us or let us make a recommendation? During your complimentary* surgeon consultation, we’ll carry out advanced, high tech eye scans & discuss your personal, customised treatment plan to correct your vision. State-of-the-art treatments available include SMILE, LASIK, LASEK, Lens Replacement Surgery & more.

Consultant surgeon Mark Wevill has over 20 years’ experience of correcting vision. He has partnered with Optegra and Space Healthcare to ensure you receive the very best care at every stage of your lens or laser eye surgery.

Give us a call now & start your journey towards better eyesight.





  • Surgeon experience: Mark Wevill has carried out more than 20,000 vision correction procedures & has had laser eye surgery himself.
  • Services: The treatments we offer include wavefront-optimised LASIK, LASEK, advanced excimer laser service treatments & SMILE with femtosecond lasers, advanced optic multifocal lens implants, Visian ICLs & corneal cross linking.
  • Zeiss Laser eye surgery: We're the only provider in the West Midlands to offer the precision optics you would expect from Zeiss & all laser SMILE laser eye surgery.
  • Lens implants: Advanced multifocal lens implants
  • Excellent resultsCheck out our patients’ stories to see how they transformed their lives at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham
  • Free consultation* & transparent pricing: No hidden costs
  • Friendly team:  We've been working together for many years and we constantly update our skills and knowledge to stay at the leading edge of our profession





Treatments include femtosecond, wavefront-optimised LASIK, LASEK, advanced excimer laser surface treatments, lens Replacement Surgery & cataract surgery with the latest multifocal lens implants, Visian ICLs & corneal cross linking

* Charges may apply if you have had eye surgery elsewhere before.

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