Laser Eye Surgery Costs In Birmingham

How Much Does wavefront Laser Eye Surgery Cost In The UK?

Wavefront laser eye surgery can cost up to £3100 per eye. But we want to help you to afford laser eye surgery, so the cost starts from £1495 per eye with us here in Birmingham.  

This price includes your surgery & aftercare. All our LASIK & LASEK treatments are, blade-free, wavefront optimised treatments because we just don’t do dated, less effective laser eye surgery treatments. And the price you see here is the price you’ll pay. It’s a fixed price for all glasses prescriptions & there are no hidden extra costs.

*from £1495 per eye


Better for thinner Corneas
One laser procedure

from £1495

LASEK surgery, also known as advanced surface treatment, is also a 2 stage laser eye surgery treatment using only the excimer laser. First, the surface skin (epithelial) layer of the cornea is loosened. Then the underlying surface is reshaped using the same excimer vision correction laser. The treatment is quick but you recover slower than with LASIK surgery. It’s the best laser eye treatment for people with thin corneas & is also the best for sports & some occupations.


Quickest vision recovery
Most popular vision surgery
Around for over 20 years


LASIK surgery is a blade-free laser eye surgery treatment & uses 2 different lasers. First, a thin window is created on the surface of your cornea using a femtosecond laser which is so accurate that each laser pulse lasts less than a billionth of a second. The window is opened & a second excimer laser accurately reshapes your cornea  using precision optics & the window is closed. LASIK surgery is the best laser eye surgery procedure for a quick recovery. You can see the difference immediately & you can usually drive by the next day.

Why rent when you can own your vision for less?

The cost of laser eye surgery may seem expensive, but the cost is far less than the monthly & yearly costs of glasses & contact lenses over many years.

Paying for glasses & contact lenses every year is like “renting” your vision. Why would you want to rent year after year when you can “own” your vision for less? Here’s an infographic to illustrate how paying for laser eye surgery now saves you money in the future. 

And won’t life be easier without the hassle of glasses & contact lenses? Laser eye surgery is also safer than contact lenses.

how much you can save with Laser Eye Surgery?

FROM AGE 15 TO 50:

On regular vision correction, you will spend:

£ 0
on vision correction

Laser Eye Surgery now
costs from:

£ 0
on vision correction


Between now (40 years) and 50, you will spend approximately:

£ 0
on vision correction

If you have laser surgery now, by the age of 50 you will have saved:

£ 0
on vision correction


Between now (25 years) and 50, you will spend approximately:

£ 0
on vision correction

If you have laser surgery now, by the age of 50 you will have saved:

£ 0
on vision correction


why laser eye surgery is more expensive old vs new

The cost of the LASIK & LASEK surgery may seem high, but the latest high tech lasers are precise & expensive. Some clinics offer low price laser eye surgery, so how do they “cut the corners” on costs? 

  1. Poor quality technology. This is unlikely as medical lasers are highly regulated in the UK.
  2. Upselling. Hardly anyone qualifies for the low tech, low price laser eye surgery option that was advertised. The low price gets you through the door where a salesperson breaks the bad news that you don’t qualify, then upsells you to a much higher price. It’s like those car dealers who tell you that the deal that you saw advertised isn’t available. But the salesperson was only interested in selling you the expensive model all along. He says “you deserve the best.” Of course, he’s right, you do deserve the best, advanced, blade-free, wavefront technology treatment. So come & see us. We don’t play games, we just do honest, high tech, precision laser eye surgery & that’s what you pay for.
  3. You hardly spend any time with your surgeon. In many clinics, almost all of your time before & after your laser eye surgery will not be with your surgeon & in fact you’ll spend hardly any time with your surgeon. With us, your preoperative consultation & follow up appointments will be with Mr Mark Wevill, a highly experienced laser eye surgeon who has done over 10,000 vision correction surgeries, has achieved additional qualifications in laser eye surgery, has written textbook chapters & articles which other surgeons refer to & has had laser eye surgery himself. Many other surgeons, doctors, optometrists & nurses have also trusted him to do their surgery.

So, unfortunately the cost of laser eye surgery is expensive, but the price is less expensive than a lifetime of glasses & contact lens wear.

WHat are the alternatives to lasik & lasek laser eye surgery?

There are various vision correction treatments. Of course you can continue with your glasses. Laser eye surgery is usually the best treatment for you if you are aged between 18 & 55. After the age of 55, lens replacement is usually the best vision correction solution.

But, we’re all different, one shoe doesn’t fit us all, so book a consultation with our experienced laser eye surgeon so together we can work out the best vision correction procedure for you or your loved one personally.

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