You are “far-sighted” (also known as hyperopia or hypermetropia). Distant objects are focussed in front of your retina because your eye is too short & the focusing power of your eye isn’t strong enough.

 Wearing plus (+) glasses moves the focal plane forwards which focuses the image you’re looking at on your retina.

Hyperopia explained in 30 seconds

"My only regret is not having it done sooner"

Hyperopia: The problem & the treatment

When you were younger the lens in your eye was able to adjust for your shorter eye. But as you get older, your lens becomes less flexible & you have difficulty adjusting the focus, your eyes get tired so you start to need glasses to read but you can still see well in the distance (far-sighted). Later you become even more frustrated when you need glasses to see in the distance too. Your glasses get thicker & heavier on your nose & more expensive! When wearing glasses your eyes will look bigger through them & everything you look at will also look bigger than when you are wearing contact lenses.

Why does your vision continue to deteriorate if you have hyperopia or are farsighted? And why do your glasses get thicker? This progressive deterioration is called Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome, or DLS. The lens in your eyes becomes less flexible & adaptable, & your lens can’t give you the vision correction you used to be able to achieve. We can show you this change on one of our scans that we do at the eye clinic in Birmingham. Ask us to show you your lens clarity on your Pentacam scan.

Fortunately, we can correct DLS, hyperopia & farsighted eyes with laser eye surgery & refractive lens exchange surgery at either the Birmingham eye clinic. Laser eye surgery reduces the effects of DLS, however, the only permanent solution is to replace your own lens with an advanced optic new lens. This restores different focal points of the eye & improves the light transmission of the lens. Read more about the different hyperopia vision correction treatments here

Mark Wevill is an experienced eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) who has been correcting farsighted eyes with lens surgery & laser eye surgery for over 20 years & his patients have written some great reviews about the great results they are now enjoying. So why not make an appointment with this ophthalmologist in Birmingham to find out which surgery treatment could end your frustration & give you the vision you would like?

Do you suffer from Hyperopia?

At your appointment, we’ll discuss the price & find a way for you to afford to have treatment with us. The cost depends on which treatment you decide to have. Mark Wevill is an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) & eye surgeon who has specialised in doing laser & lens vision correction. He has been correcting vision in eye clinics in Birmingham & the West Midlands since 2002. You will be in safe hands.

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