Intraocular Contact Lens (Visian ICLs):

Are you concerned about laser eye surgery or have a high focus error that can’t be corrected by laser eye surgery? The higher your prescription, the thicker & more expensive your glasses & contact lenses are. 

Learn what you’ve been missing out on with Visian ICLs (intraocular collamer lenses). These biocompatible lenses are like contact lenses which can remain in your eye instead of on your eye. Unlike other surgical treatments like lens exchange or LASIK, no tissue is removed. So the ICL lens is removable which can return you to seeing with glasses again.

"Mark, you are a genius! So patient with me as I turned into wimp of the year. And with such a calm nature. The surgery is so well worth it - just go for it! Be brave!"

All About Intraocular Contact Lenses (ICL)

The intraocular collamer lens is called a phakic lens. It is an artificial contact lens type lens which is placed between your own natural lens & the coloured part of your eye, called your iris. The lens creates naturally clear vision if you’re ready for a life free from glasses and contact lenses.

At your consultation in Birmingham, your eye will be scanned with a number of advanced technology eye instruments. Mark, the surgeon, reviews the scans, examines your eyes, discusses your suitability & the risks of surgery. The Visian ICL lens requires at least 2.8mm of space to be implanted into your eye, so accurate measurements of your eye are important.

The calculations to determine the correct ICL lens size & power for you.

Mark has been an eye surgeon since 1996 & has corrected people with spectacle prescriptions up to minus 30 since then. Like with all surgery, there are risks with ICL surgery. Therefore talk to Mark Wevill who is one of the UK’s most experienced ICL surgeons about the benefits, risks & potential complications of surgery. ICL lenses changed our patient Amreeta’s life (read more …). So when you are ready for freedom vision why not make an appointment with Mark at the Birmingham eye clinic to see if you are suitable for ICL treatment & what you’ve been missing?

The ICL is gently inserted into the space between your iris and your natural lens. The procedure is usually painless & takes less than 15 minutes to change your life. No needles or injections are involved. Recovery is also quick and people usually see very well the next day. So this phakic lens implant may be the ideal vision correction solution for you & may produce clearer vision than laser eye surgery in a simple, 15-minute procedure. ICL’s are usually the best for you if you are aged between about 20 & 50. If you are older then your natural lens doesn’t function well & exchanging it for a new lens will give you better vision than an ICL. Read more about lens exchange here.

The ICL lens has been approved for use in Europe since 1997. More than 1 million ICL lenses have been implanted worldwide. Mark has used the Visian ICL & similar lenses such as the Verisyse & Artisan or Artiflex & other phakic lenses since 1998.

Mark implanted the latest Evo plus Visian ICL’s in Amreeta’s eyes before she went on a 3 month trip of a lifetime to the east where she skydived, rode elephants & held pythons. Her consultations, surgery and amazing results were all done right here in Birmingham and were featured on the BBC1 programme “One day that changed my life” in September 2018. The ICL phakic lenses can correct a remarkable range of focus errors and a far greater range than laser eye surgery, from +10.00 to -20.00 & high astigmatism too. But not everyone is suitable.


More about ICL's

ICL’s are one type of intraocular lens implants known as phakic or additional lenses as they are implanted into an eye with the original natural lens still in place. So ICL’s are implanted in addition to the natural lens in the eye. Another procedure known as refractive lens exchange (RLE) involves removing the natural lens & replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).  Both are good procedures but the reasons for doing them differ.

ICL’s are tiny lenses which are placed in front of the natural lens which is left in position. It’s like wearing a small, soft contact lens inside your eye. It’s only about 12mm long, 7mm wide and less than 0.5mm thick in the middle. It doesn’t cause dry eye syndrome & the daytime & night visual clarity is excellent. It is great for people with thin corneas. Other benefits o0f the treatment include built in UV protection in the lens, quick recovery & the lens can be removed if necessary.

There are different ICLs which can correct short sightedness (myopia), far sightedness (hyperopia) & toric ICLs can be used to correct astigmatism.

So, if you would like to find out if your eyes are suitable for Visian ICL intraocular lens surgery, please call us.

Book a Consultation

The price of Visian ICL surgery varies depending on the type of ICL lens you need. But we want to make the cost of implantable contact lens surgery & the remarkable care we give you affordable.

Contact us today to book a consultation to find out everything you need to know before making your final decision. 

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