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School will soon be out for the summer, which means forgetting about the textbooks for a few weeks.

However, before we know it, students and teachers everywhere will be back in the classroom for another academic year. If you’re aiming for top marks for yourself or your students, vision problems can really prevent you from making the grade.

Students, do you find yourself struggling to see the board or read your written materials? Perhaps you’re a teacher or lecturer who finds marking your class’s work a real chore?

Wearing glasses or contact lenses can help with short and long-range vision problems, but these solutions can also be expensive, inconvenient and even uncomfortable. Student budgets rarely allow for the luxury of frequently replaced glasses or contact lenses. Plus, if you enjoy extracurricular sports activities, they can be hazardous or even prohibitive.

At Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham, we’ve got A+ solutions for vision correction, regardless of your age and requirements. Our cutting-edge LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery techniques can banish the need for glasses and contact lenses altogether, leaving you free to enjoy the world around you without the burden of corrective eyewear.

For mature students, you can forget about reading glasses. Our lens replacement surgery is more suitable for people over 50, so you too can throw away the spectacles, to reclaim the simple joy of reading and studying.

Optegra is also the first provider in the West Midlands to offer the innovative SMILE procedure and our eye surgeon Mark Wevill is one of the few professionals in the Birmingham area qualified to carry it out.

Quick, pain-free and surprisingly affordable, our vision correction treatments could put your enjoyment of life into a whole different class. Summer is the perfect time to undergo treatment and change your world, so you can head back to school with top grade vision.

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