Why lens replacement beats laser for over-50s eye surgery

As we age, many of us will start to experience problems with our vision. Glasses and contact lenses come with ongoing costs that will last a lifetime, such as regular eye tests, buying new lenses and replacing battered or lost frames.

That’s why millions of people are turning to the state-of-the-art technologies now available for long-term vision correction. Often, they find that eye surgery treatment is much more affordable than they imagined and they’re delighted by the results.

But if you’re considering eye surgery, it’s important to choose the procedure that’s right for you. ‘Laser eye surgery’ is not a catch-all term; often, the right solution for your vision will be influenced by your age.

People aged between 20 and 50 will generally benefit from laser eye surgery. We offer two types of laser eye surgery, neither of which uses blades. LASIK is a procedure in which the cornea is accurately reshaped; it takes just 10 minutes and you can usually drive by the next day. With LASEK, or advanced surface treatment, the procedure is even quicker but the recovery time is slightly longer.

If you’re over 50, however, it’s likely that you would benefit more from lens replacement surgery. Many people suffer from a slow deterioration of their lens over time, called Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome, which makes the lens less adaptable, flexible and clear. Also known as refractive lens exchange, lens replacement surgery turns back the years with a painless, 10-minute procedure.

Some new lenses can provide focus for near, intermediate and far objects, and correct astigmatism. Another benefit is that you cannot develop a cataract after lens replacement.

Prior to the surgery, it’s very important that your personal eye health is thoroughly assessed to ensure that you are suitable for lens replacement surgery. Here at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham, our surgeon Mark Wevill will carry out a complimentary 90-minute advanced eye analysis using the latest technology, before selecting the lens that is right for your personal vision needs.

Visit our lens replacement page for more information.

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