Life’s a beach without glasses or contact lenses

Packing for your summer holiday is always an exciting experience. It’s fun to start loading your suitcase with your swimming costume, flip flops, beach towel, sun cream… Until you get to the multiple glasses cases, contact lens solutions, spares of everything and so on.

When you’re trying to pack light, a bag full of vision aid supplies can take up an annoying amount of space in your luggage. If you wear glasses, you’ll need your back-up pair, prescription sunglasses and non-prescription shades for when you’re wearing contact lenses. Perhaps you want to have a choice of styles to mix and match with your holiday outfits? Better make a bit more space in the bag then.

If you’re over 45, reading glasses might have to be added to the mix – yet another pair to fill out your suitcase and beach bag.

Contact lenses are no less hassle when you’re going on holiday. There are the cases and solutions to take and if you run out while overseas, depending on your location, it can be hard to track down replacements. Many people prefer to wear contact lenses for sporting activities, but you shouldn’t do that if your eyes are dry or irritated. Some very energetic activities, such as surfing and rafting, aren’t suitable for wearing contacts as they could easily be lost.

Imagine, then, the freedom of taking a holiday without wearing glasses or contact lenses at all. That dream could come true with the help of Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham.

We offer a range of services using the latest eye surgery technology, from LASIK and LASEK laser vision correction to, for older clients, lens replacement (refractive lens exchange).

Contact our friendly team today to find out how your next holiday could be out of this world.

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