Why laser eye surgery could save you thousands of pounds

For many people, laser vision correction is viewed as a luxury or an unnecessary expense, when they can ‘get by’ with glasses or contact lenses. But taking a long-term view could have a significant impact on your bank balance, along with your health and quality of life.

Around 4.8 billion people are expected to suffer from myopia (near-sightedness) by 2050. In a recent Tedx talk, vision correction specialist Dr Lance Kugler highlighted the fact that society’s current approach to this global myopia epidemic makes very little sense and ignores the obvious solution.

Currently, as Dr Kugler explained, most myopic children will be prescribed glasses while in primary school; perhaps moving on to contact lenses in their teens and reading glasses in their 40s or 50s, before probably developing cataracts in later life. Only then might they opt to have their vision fixed, at the same time as receiving cataract treatment.

Almost all of us will require prosthetic vision devices, such as glasses, at some point in our lives. Yet if we were to suffer from some other affliction, such as being unable to walk, we would be offered the chance to fix the problem as soon as possible, not just rely on a prosthetic forever.

As Dr Kugler points out, with LASIK, LASEK, SMILE and lens exchange procedures, we have the means to effectively treat around 80% of the world’s population, in their teens or early 20s. He also estimates that, based on the average cost of maintaining glasses and contact lenses in the US, most people could save around $38,000 (£29,000) over a 20-year period by having laser eye surgery at the age of 20.

With our quick, pain-free and affordable laser vision correction treatments, Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham has released thousands of patients from the inconvenience and expense of poor eyesight. Will you join the vision revolution?

Image Credit: allaboutvision

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