Could laser eye surgery help you find love?

As Valentine’s Day turns everyone’s focus onto romance, you may be hoping to find or win over that special someone.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but your peepers mean even more than that when it comes to loving relationships. Scientific research has revealed that eye contact plays a significant role in determining whether a couple will feel connected to each other or even fall in love.

One study examined the brain activity of participants while they looked into each other’s eyes – the researchers found that mutual gazing could literally lead to their brains syncing with each other to a certain degree. Another asked randomly paired strangers to answer a number of personal and thought-provoking questions, before gazing into each other’s eyes for four minutes. Reportedly, two of the participants married each other just six months later!

This is all good news for those looking for love, but could your glasses or contact lenses be standing in your way? It’s harder to catch the eye of someone attractive across a crowded room when the lights are glinting off your glasses. If you suffer from dry or irritated eyes, thanks to your contact lenses, maintaining eye contact during a romantic moment may be a struggle.

You could potentially help Cupid to improve his aim by looking into laser eye surgery. Here at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham, we offer LASIK, LASEK and the cutting-edge SMILE vision correction procedures for the under 50s, along with lens replacement surgery – or refractive lens exchange – for older patients.

We’ve helped thousands of people in the West Midlands to fall back in love with life. So, why not break up with glasses and contact lenses for good and free your eyes to enjoy those magic moments with someone special?

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