Wavefront laser eye surgery in Birmingham

When it comes to achieving crisp, clear vision, technology plays a significant role in revolutionizing the field of vision correction surgery. One such groundbreaking advancement is wavefront laser eye surgery, a high tech procedure that has transformed the way we correct vision impairments in Birmingham.

Wavefront technology, also referred to as “wavefront aberrometry,” is a sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tool. The human eye is unique, and it can be short sighted, far sighted and have astigmatism. These are known as lower order aberrations or focus errors that are responsible for most of the blur in your vision if you wear glasses. But your eye can also have subtle imperfections known as higher order aberrations, such as spherical aberration, which can lead to issues such as glare, halos, and difficulty seeing in low-light conditions. Wavefront aberrations aren’t corrected by your glasses or contact lenses.

Laser eye surgery, especially on older lasers that can’t do wavefront treatments, can increase these aberrations. The benefit of modern wavefront treatment is better outcomes, sharper overall vision and better night vision compared to older, traditional laser eye surgeries.

Photographers and astronomers also use this technology to minimise blur and aberrations with special wavefront error, aberration reducing lenses to take crisp, clear photographs or see distant stars & planets more clearly.

And yes, rest assured, there is wavefront LASIK and laser eye surgery here in Birmingham. All our LASIK & LASEK treatments are wavefront optimised treatments because we just don’t do dated, less effective laser eye surgery laser eye surgery treatments. So, the price you pay will be for wavefront LASIK or LASEK.

Wavefront vision correction has ushered in a new era of precision that can address both common refractive errors and subtle higher-order aberrations making it a game-changer for those seeking optimal vision quality for our most precious sense – sight. Read more about laser surgery.

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