Howzat! Jack Leach Chooses Laser eye surgery Over Free Glasses

Cricket fans were on the edges of their seats recently as Ben Stokes battled to win the third Test match of the Ashes for England.

Although Ben was undoubtedly the hero of the day, he was reliant on batting partner Jack Leach – who is a stronger bowler than batsman – not getting bowled out.

Due to the sizzling weather, poor Jack had to fight a battle of his own against his glasses, which were constantly steaming up and obscuring his vision. Following the epic match, Specsavers famously offered Jack free glasses for life as a reward for his performance.

However, before Jack takes the company up on its generous offer, he should consider having laser eye surgery instead. Quick, painless and surprisingly affordable, laser eye surgery – using the LASIK or LASEK techniques available here at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham – could permanently remove the need for Jack to wear glasses on the pitch.

For sports people like Jack, the innovative SMILE technique offers an even better solution. This treatment leaves the eye more robust and less vulnerable to injury, which provides great peace of mind for people who could sustain a contact injury, such as cricket players.

Optegra is the first provider in the West Midlands to offer the SMILE procedure and our highly experienced eye surgeon Mark Wevill is one of the few professionals in the region qualified to carry out the treatment.

So, you don’t have to become a star sports player or win free glasses for life in order to achieve great vision. Why not get in touch with us today and find out more about our treatments – your experience at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham is sure to bowl you over!

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