Don’t have vision nightmares this Halloween

Will you be dressing up as a ghost or ghoul to take part in Halloween frolics on or around October 31?

Creepy goings-on can be great fun for all the family, but make sure you don’t give your eyes a nightmare on All Hallow’s Eve. Although dressing up in creative costumes is all part of the enjoyment, be careful not to play a nasty trick on your eyes.

Don’t be tempted to make cheap novelty contact lenses part of your disguise, as these are often not well-designed and could cause serious problems for your peepers. If you want to change the appearance of your eyes for the evening, seek out the advice of your ophthalmologist first – it’s really not worth putting a hex on your eyes for a few hours of fun.

Better still, why not give your eyesight a real treat this autumn by banishing the curse of glasses and contact lenses? Whatever your age and vision problems, our state-of-the-art treatments at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham could transform your eyesight – and your life.

Offering LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery procedures, we can break the spell of poor vision in just 10 painless minutes. Our eye surgeon Mark Wevill is also one of the only professionals in the West Midlands able to carry out the innovative new SMILE technique, which is particularly suitable for sports people.

For over 50s, there’s a different type of magic available with lens replacement surgery. This procedure sees Mark gently remove your own lens and replace it with one of the latest intraocular lenses – once again, in a matter of just a few pain-free minutes.

Don’t have nightmares this Halloween. Chat to us today and prepare to enjoy sweet dreams of better vision that will soon become a reality.

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