Just like Taylor Swift, you can shake off poor vision

Chart-topping pop singer Taylor Swift had a bit of a surprise recently, when her mother released footage of an amusing incident following the star’s laser eye surgery.

The video of a clearly confused Taylor getting upset over selecting the wrong banana from a bunch, while wearing a protective eye mask after the procedure, soon went viral – something which the singer took in good spirit and laughed at along with everyone else.

However, anyone who is considering having laser eye surgery themselves shouldn’t be at all concerned by Taylor’s disorientation. The LASIK procedure that she underwent is quick, painless and won’t leave you crying over split bananas!

Here at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham, you can expect VIP treatment in your search for improved vision. Suggested as a great option for most patients aged between 20 and 50, LASIK surgery – along with LASEK and the innovative new SMILE treatment – has the power to transform lives and rid people of their glasses and contact lenses. For those who are over 50, lens replacement surgery can be a more effective option.

Even if you’re not a superstar who has to perform energetic dance routines every day, we’re sure you can think of many ways that your life would improve if you no longer had to wear or carry vision correction apparatus.

We’ll carry out a thorough eye assessment to determine the very best vision correction procedure for you and keep you informed through every step of the examination. Our highly experienced eye surgeon Mark Wevill has carried out laser eye surgery procedures for 20 years, giving thousands of people the incredible gift of improved eyesight.

So, if that’s music to your ears, it’s time to get in touch with Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham and perhaps you’ll be able to tell your glasses We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!

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