Do your glasses fog up when you wear a face mask?

When you wear a face mask it directs warm, moist exhaled air up to your glasses and they fog up. So you need to prevent your breath from reaching your lenses. We’re going to be wearing masks for a long time, so here are some tips to prevent your glasses fogging up with a mask:

1.  Wash your glasses with soapy water which leaves a surfactant film & allow the lenses to air-dry.
2.  Apply scuba mask or ski goggle antifogging solutions which also have a ‘surfactant effect’.
3.  Place a folded tissue between your mouth & the mask to block warm, moist air reaching your glasses.
4. Tighten the top of your mask & loosen the bottom to direct your breath away from your eyes. You can try tying the mask criss-cross so that the top ties come below your ears & the bottom ties go above.
5.  Wear contact lenses but follow anti COVID advice.

Or just call us to see if you can get rid of the glasses with lens or laser eye surgery.

If you do still want to wear glasses & they mist up then get polycarbonate lenses which demist quicker than glass.

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