Am I too old for laser eye surgery?

When a new year looms, we often find ourselves taking stock of our lives and wondering what to do with the 12 months ahead. If you’re experiencing vision problems, 2020 could be the year that you finally take the plunge and investigate laser eye surgery.

At Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham, we’ve changed the lives of thousands of people in the West Midlands with our cutting-edge SMILE, LASIK and LASEK laser vision correction treatments.

However, these procedures are better suited to people aged under 50. If you’re older, you might be worried that you’ve left it too late to seek treatment.

We’re delighted to tell you about an alternative procedure that can offer a new lease of life for your eyesight – lens replacement surgery. Also known as refractive lens exchange (RLE), this procedure is a quick, pain-free and highly effective way to reduce the impact of ageing on your vision.

Our eye surgeon Mark Wevill will gently soften and remove your natural lens with an ultrasound instrument. He will then replace it with one of the latest intraocular lenses, such as Symfony, Finevision, SBL3 or Zeiss at LISA.

You’ll be left with improved near and distance vision, meaning that you can put aside the contact lenses and glasses at last.

One common problem caused by deteriorating vision can be difficulty driving at night or in the winter, due to the glare from vehicle headlights and streetlamps. You may have noticed that headlights have changed. Older halogen bulbs are more yellowish but newer LED or xenon lights are brighter and a colder white or blue colour. Xenon bulbs cost more and are usually found on luxury and sports cars. These new headlights cause a lot of glare from the natural lenses in our eyes as we get older and from commonly used intraocular lenses utilised in cataract and refractive lens exchange surgery.

But now lens replacement surgery can help to combat those problems. In particular, the Synergy from Johnson & Johnson lens is designed to cut down on the blue glare that many motorists experience from xenon headlight bulbs.

So, don’t surrender to the ageing process! Take control in 2020 and find out how lens replacement surgery could turn back the years for your vision.

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