“The bionic times have arrived!” Whoopi Goldberg ditches her glasses


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The Mail reports:

Whoopi Goldberg has ditched her glasses after undergoing surgery to replace the lens on one of her eyes with a bionic implant.

The Oscar-winner, 67, revealed on Monday’s episode of The View that due to suffering from presbyopia (age-related farsightedness categorized by the inability to focus on nearby objects), she had a bionic lens implanted in her left eye.

She said: ‘I had an operation, and they replaced the lens and the lens they replaced it with is kind of like my eyeglass lens’ – with the star revealing her vision had improved significantly in a few weeks.

She added; ‘Two weeks ago, when we had a show, I was trying to read the prompter without my actual glasses, and I couldn’t do it. So, I ended up having to use [my glasses].

‘This is something they’ve been doing for a while and people don’t know about it. Your insurance will cover it, though you have to pay for the lens yourself.

‘If you have any issue with your eyes, I don’t know if it works for everybody but I’m telling you I’m sitting here able to read this. If you’re having any issues with your eyes, please go get them checked. The bionic times have arrived.

‘I’ve been wearing glasses now for almost 28 years … and now, this is what I look like!’

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