Reasons to avoid LASIK & laser eye surgery?


  1. Safety. If you have a careful evaluation of your eyes & you’re suitable then LASIK is safe. Nothing is perfectly safe, not even wearing contact lenses. There is a risk of an infection with contact lenses & LASIK, but the risk of an infection from contact lenses is higher than from LASIK. Over 50 million laser eye surgery procedures wouldn’t have been done over the last 20 years if LASIK wasn’t safe. And your surgeon, Mark Wevill wouldn’t have had LASIK if it wasn’t safe. Why not ask your family & friends who have had LASIK what their experience has been. Over 7000 published scientific studies have shown that laser eye surgery is safe & effective.
  2. LASIK wears off. LASIK & laser eye surgery permanently reshape your cornea, the window on the front of your eye, to correct the focus of your eyes. But laser eye surgery to your cornea can’t stop small focus changes inside your eye, such as in your lens. If the lens inside your eye was going to change afterwards then it will still change & change the overall focus of your eye whether you have LASIK or not.
  3. LASIK is painful. We numb your eyes with eye drops during the treatment. And the first few hours afterwards are more uncomfortable than the treatment itself.
  4. LASIK is expensive. LASIK & laser eye surgery cost thousands of £££ less than paying for glasses & contact lenses over many years. And paying for glasses & contact lenses every month is like renting your vision. So, why rent your vision year after year when you can “own” your vision for less? Read more.

So why are you avoiding laser eye surgery?


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