Reasons for Sportsmen and Women to SMILE

Recently, we announced that the innovative SMILE vision correction procedure is now available to patients in the Birmingham City area. Optegra is the first provider in the West Midlands to invest in the cutting-edge equipment required to deliver the procedure, the highly accurate Zeiss Visumax femtosecond laser. Our eye surgeon Mark Wevill is one of just a few professionals in the area who are qualified to use it to treat patients.

Mark has performed thousands of femtosecond laser eye surgery treatments and learned how to carry out the SMILE procedure with the femtosecond laser during an intensive training period in India. During his time there, Mark had the pleasure of performing SMILE laser eye surgery on a number of patients, giving him the chance to witness the life-changing power of this incredible new technique.

The arrival of SMILE in Birmingham is particularly good news for people who play many sports, such as football, tennis and rugby, because SMILE leaves the eye less vulnerable to injury in the months and years following surgery. For this reason, the procedure is also recommended for professions such as police officers and security guards.

Scientific research has revealed that SMILE can be better suited to those who suffer from dry eyes, compared with LASIK laser eye surgery. Recovery from the SMILE procedure can also be faster than from other treatments.

The high precision, high speed Visumax laser creates a small lens shaped piece of corneal tissue, called a lenticule, inside the cornea in an average of just 23 seconds. The lenticule is then removed through a small laser guided opening at the front of the eye, reshaping the cornea and correcting your eye’s focus error.

So, if you want to get back onto the sports pitch or simply take on the world again without glasses or contact lenses, speak to the team at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham today – you could soon have a new reason to smile.

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