Lens replacement surgery or crazy one lens granny glasses


No, seriously?!! Lens replacement surgery is a better option than these one lens granny glasses for putting on eye make-up, and for your dignity! Click the image or this link for a laugh with her.

We’ve got some groundbreaking news that’ll change the lives of anyone who agrees that while these glasses are ridiculous, they could actually help you with putting on your make-up. And it will also help everyone who’s ever uttered the dreaded phrase, “Where are my reading glasses?” Yes, you heard it right – lens replacement surgery is here to save you from the tyranny of those pesky granny glasses!

Aren’t reading glasses like bad friends? They’re always there when you don’t need them, vanishing without a trace when you do. And they are always getting lost along with the TV remote and car keys. But they’re usuaully easier to find because the TV remote and your keys aren’t usually on the top of your head. Fortunately help is at hand. Lens replacement surgery can make those reading glasses disappear like a magician’s rabbit in a hat!

No more squinting at your smartphone or trying to discreetly decipher the fine print on a document during a business meeting or sitting down or hearing that crunch which means you’ve just mangled another pair of reading glasses. Imagine the joy of walking into a restaurant and being able to read the menu without whipping out those specs. Vision correction treatment will have your friends asking you what’s on the menu if they’ve forgotten their reading glasses at home like you used to do.

There are other options such as monovision laser eye surgery. And in the future corneal inlays may be a solution. But high tech, lens implants are the best treatment if you want a more permanent solution.

So, call us and take the first step to saying goodbye to those granny glasses.

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