Is LASIK safe? The fear-mongering vs the science-based facts about LASIK


1. “LASIK is dangerous!” Every surgery has risks. But LASIK is one of the safest, most successful & well-studied procedures in history with a 96-99% patient satisfaction according to the FDA’s PROWL studies. And as surgeons, we are trying our best to get to 100%.

2. “LASIK surgeons don’t have LASIK themselves!” This is wrong. 63% of surveyed LASIK surgeons had laser vision correction on their own eyes, 5x more than the general population. Mark has had LASIK to his own eyes. And 90% of laser eye surgeons recommend it to our own family members because we believe the benefits far outweigh the risks.

3. “Wearing contact lenses is safer than LASIK.” No treatment is risk free, not even contacts. The risk of a sight-threatening eye infection is >3x greater with years of contact lens wear than a 1-time LASIK procedure. That’s why you’re told to be careful if you wear contact lenses.

4. “LASIK will cause worse problems than before.” The FDA PROWL studies showed that there were actually less dry eye & night vision problems after LASIK, probably because people stopped wearing contact lenses. While dryness and nighttime haloes/glare can occur during the healing process, it’s rare for these problems to persist long-term (<1%).

5. “All LASIK is the same.” Technology has advanced tremendously over the last 20 years. Lasers can sometimes even deliver better day & night vision than contacts & glasses. We’re also better at finding out who is not suitable for LASIK. LASIK is NOT for everyone.

Please speak to your surgeon. We explain the risks of surgery every day & do not take it lightly; it’s an important discussion so you can make an informed decision about surgery. And please ask questions!

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Thanks to Dr. Dagny Zhu, MD


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