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Treating Presbyopia in Birmingham


You have presbyopia. The lens inside your eyes is getting older and is no longer able to adjust from distance to near focus for reading, putting on makeup, seeing a phone or putting a screwdriver into a screw especially when the light is poor. This happens to everyone unfortunately and it usually starts in your mid forties. People say it makes them feel old. 

There are treatment solutions to the frustration and inconvenience of having to start wearing reading glasses for the first time or if you need a second reading prescription ontop of the old one. Laser blended vision or monovision and multifocal intra ocular lenses  such as the Finevision, Mplus, Symfony and the SBL3 have turned back the clock and enabled many people to drive a car and read a book without glasses again. Read more about the treatment options ...

Presbyopia affects different eyes in different ways.

If you never wore glasses (emmetropia), it is frustrating to have to wear glasses for the first time to see nearby and read.

If you are hyperopic (far sighted), you need reading glasses when you are younger and later you need glasses to see in the  distance (driving) and to see near objects (reading).

If you are myopic (short sighted), you find that with contact lenses in you can’t read and need reading glasses in addition to the lenses. And you can't read with your glasses on so you take them off to read. 

So make an appointment to find out if you can correct the ageing of your natural lens.

"Thank you for restoring my sight so that I can read and sew without glasses. Each procedure was performed sensitively and efficiently and I am DELIGHTED with the results."  Anne 2013