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  • Birmingham New Street Station

  • Grand central 1200x350
  • Keratoconus blurred vision
  • Strong, cross linked beams
  • Strong, cross linked beams
  • Distorted vision

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Kerataconus Treatment in Birmingham


What does the beautiful new Birmingham New street station roof have to do with keratoconus? Keratoconus is one of the conditions known as corneal stromal dystrophies and causes a condition called ectasia. These conditions are caused by a weakness of the cornea and result in high astigmatism and distortion of vision. Keratoconus usually starts in your late teens or early twenties and it usually gets progressively worse, especially in your teens or twenties, or during pregnancy.

The astigmatism may become difficult to correct with glasses and a special contact lens may become necessary. The cornea and astigmatism are irregular and continue to change. If you have keratoconus you may need frequent changes to your glasses or contact lenses.

However, the progression can be stopped and the distortion may be improved with corneal cross linking. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) eyedrops are dropped on the eye then an ultraviolet light is shone on your eye to strengthen the links between fibres in your cornea and strengthen the cornea. The effect is somewhat like the cross linked beams which strengthen and support the roof of the impressive new Briminhgham New Street Station. Light, interlinked beams support a huge, strong, beautiful structure. It is a design and engineering achievement, a symbol of the future of the Midlands!

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