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Advanced cataract surgery is available here in Birmingham. The lens in our eyes is normally clear. When a cataract forms, your have to get new glasses frequently and driving at night can become difficult because car headlights cause so much glare. Later the lens goes cloudy and your vision becomes blurred even with glasses. I'ts like looking through a frosted window and one eye may be affected more than the other initially. But cataracts usually affect both eyes eventually. There are many causes including ageing, smoking, sunshine and diabetes.

Cataracts are treated with a microsurgical cataract operation. And Mark Wevill has done thousands of these operations. He's a refractive cataract surgeon meaning that he not only removes the cloudy cataract but he also selects lenses according to your needs to make you as free of glasses as possible. The latest intraocular lenses such as the Zeiss Atlisa, Finevision,SBL3, Symfony, toric and other lenses have transformed hundreds of his patient's lives. These lenses extend the range of your vision and many people can drive and read without glasses.


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Mark Wevill has been performing cataract operations since 1992 and in Birmingham and the West Midlands since 2002. He has worked with the team of experienced and dedicated eye care professionals for up to 10 years. Your eyes will be scanned with a unique combination of advanced technology scanners, including the Maestro optical coherence tomographer and Lenstar LS900 biometer. The latest intraocular lenses and high tech lasers are also available in the hospital to correct your vision, including the Zeiss Mel90 excimer laser to adjust the focus and further improve the result after lens implantation if needed.

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