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Treating Shortsightedness in Birmingham


You are “short sighted” (also known as myopia).  Distant objects are focussed in front of the retina because your eye is too long and the focusing power of your eye is too strong. Wearing minus (-) glasses moves the focal plane backwards which focusses the image on the retina. When wearing glasses your eyes will look smaller through them and everything you look at will also look smaller than when you are wearing contact lenses.

Years ago few people were short sighted, but the number of people with myopia (shortsightedness) is increasing. 50% of teenagers in the UK are myopic, there are probably 200 million myopic people in the world today and in 2020 there will be about 900 million.

Why? The answer is complex, but the more time children spend outdoors, the less likely they are to develop myopia. More sunshine, less time watching TV, looking at computers, mobile phones and reading may reduce myopia. But our genes are also important and we may pass our myopia on to our children. 50 million people have had laser eye treatment over the last 20 years to correct myopia but it would be even better to prevent this problem. Read more about about the myopia epidemic.

Mark Wevill has treated thousands of West Midlands myopia patients with laser and lens surgery to correct their vision. 

"Thank you for the life-changing laser eye surgery operation... thank you for your patience & professionalism! It was an extremely emotional time when I realised I could see all the natural beauty around me .... unaided for the first time in 11 years!"   Melissa B 2011