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Treating Hyperopia in Birmingham


You are “far sighted” (also known as hyperopia). Near and distant objects are blurred becasue the focusssing power of your eye is too weak and your eyeball is not long enough. Wearing plus (+) glasses moves the focal plane forwards which focusses the image on the retina. When you were younger the lens in your eye was able to adjust for this. But as you get older, your lens becomes less flexible and you have difficulty adjusting the focus, your eyes get tired so you start to need glasses to read. Later you become even more frustrated when you need glasses to see in the distance too. Your glasses get thicker and heavier on your nose (and more expensive!). When wearing glasses your eyes will look bigger through them and everything you look at will also look bigger than when you are wearing contact lenses.

Mark Wevill has been successfully performing laser and lens eye surgery to improve the effects of hyperopia since 1992. Read more about lens surgery and laser eye surgery.

"Fantastic results ... I have near perfect vision in both eyes which I haven't had for nearly 25 Years! Kids and husband look a little different - everything has gone high definition! Very impressed and happy with the staff, the facility and the overall service. Nothing hurried or overly commercial about it. Thank you all very much."  Julie 2006