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Are you concerned about laser eye surgery or have a high focus error that can't be corrected by laser eye surgery? ICLs (intraocular collamer lenses) may be an ideal alternative for you and may produce clearer vision than laser in a simple, 15-minute procedure. ICL's are usually the best for you if you are aged between about 20 and 50. If you are older then lens exchange is usually a better option.

Phakic lenses are tiny lenses which are placed in front of your own natural lens which is left in position. It's like wearing a small, soft contact lens inside your eye. It's only about 12mm long, 7mm wide and less than 0.5mm thick in the middle. It doesn't cause dry eye syndrome and the daytime and night visual clarity is excellent. It is great for people with thin corneas, UV protection is built into the lens and the lens can be removed if necessary.

The ICL lens has been approved for use in Europe since 1997. Mark has used the Visian ICL, and similar lenses such as the Verisyse and Artisan or Artiflex and other phakic lenses since 1998. More than 500 000 ICL lenses have been implanted worldwide.

At your consultation your eye will be scanned with a number of advanced technology eye instruments. A high precision Lenstar LS900 measures the length of your eye, cornea, lens and retinal thickness to measure the space for the lens and to provide data for calculating your personal lens implant. An Pentacam scanner measures the curvature on your cornea with more than 20 000 data points in a couple of seconds. 

Mark reviews the scans, examines your eyes, discusses your suitability and the risks of surgery. We then calculate and order the specific size and power of the ICL lens for each of your eyes. He has corrected people with spectacle prescriptions up to minus 30. There is a 99% satisfaction rate and regular eye checks are necessary while the lens is in your eye.

ICL lenses have changed people's lives and Tom Danielson of the Garmin professional cycling team is very happy with his ICLs. So why not make an appointment with Mark to see if you are suitable for ICL treatment?