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The best news about eyes & Birmingham

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Horizontal 400Sunrise and a turbo prop Flybe plane flying at 300 mph with the clouds above racing past. But how can the plane fly fast if the propeller is turning slowly, with bending blades? And it was rotating in reverse.

It's an illusion. A "continuous" video is actually a sequence of images captured at 25 per second then linked together called frames per second (fps). Each propeller blade rotates at 15 revolutions per second. So the camera captures each blade just before it completes a rotation and links them in a video creating the illusion that the propeller is rotating in reverse. And why are the blades bending? That's distortion from an oblique view through the edge of the window.

Our visual system has a much faster fps rate than the 25 fps of the video camera so the propeller is a reassuring blur rotating in the right direction, speeding us to our destination. So, no worries, our eyes are better than cameras. Just sit back & enjoy the flight
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Mohammed Hussain thanks cataract 820

Thank you for your card, your thanks and your prayers, Mohammed. And I am pleased you are seeing well again! Peace be unto you too.

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Attila's got his mojo back

AK instagram fitness youtube 400

Attila is fit, trains hard and looks good with the perfect six pack for men's deodorant advertisements. But he can't compete in body building competitions in glasses. He also loves his retro, steel fixie (fixed wheel) bicycle, but glasses and fixies aren't a good mix either. He wanted to look good AND to see well.

After LASIK he says his vision is "fantastic", he's safer on his bike and he's got his mojo back.

Click to hear more about Attila's mojo and the difference LASIK has made. We don't think it's the LASIK that gets the ladies attention though!

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How old is an old Greenland shark? It's in their eyes ...

Greenland shark eye 400The largest sharks are over 5 metres long and the oldest are over 400 years old! How do we know? An animal's age is usually determined by carbon dating their bones, but as Greenland sharks are cartilaginous fish, this won’t work. But the lenses in animal eyes consist of crystalline proteins which are are deposited in successive layers (like tree rings) over the animal's lifespan. So the shark's lenses are perfect for carbon dating. Read more about carbon dating the Greenland shark's eyes in The Guardian.

However successive layers of protein deposits also causes hardening of lenses. After our mid forties we need reading glasses which get thicker and thicker until we develop cataracts. Old dysfunctional lenses can be replaced with new, advanced technology lenses which "rejuvenate" vision so we can read without glasses again. Click here to read more about treatments for dysfunctional lens syndrome. Unfortunately we can't make you live 400 years but we can help you to live better!
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The universal language ...

Twain saying 400 3... no translation or explanation needed.
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ESCRS Copenhagen

ESCRS Copenhagen 1200

Just returned from the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery congress in Copenhagen. The sun was out and Copenhagen was beautiful. But more importantly, there were fantastic new developments and technologies to share and see with over 5000 other eye surgeon colleagues.

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The lose - lose NHS dilemma

Leamington observer nhs cataracts 400The government can't provide top notch, free and prompt healthcare with the current budget.

So, junior doctors, nurses and others are being told to do more for less in the NHS. So, health professionals are leaving the NHS for the private sector, leaving the country or leaving the profession. So the NHS pays private sector staff to work in NHS hospitals or pays private hospitals to do operations (especially cataracts). So the government tells the NHS not to spend the precious budget on private hospitals and staff. It's a lose-lose dilemma.

So what is going to happen? Either we accept that we won't be getting top notch, free and prompt healthcare or taxes have to increase or we will have to pay for the NHS services we use or we pay privately for healthcare ourselves. It's simple household budgeting: If we don't pay for it somehow, we can't have it.

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Laser collins 400So pleased laser eye surgery technology has progressed, pleased you're seeing well now Colin & thanks for the cartoon! 

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HC Fuller lives BBC 400Well done Heather!!! This girl can!

Heather wrote: "... I stepped into the 15.1 degree Atlantic Ocean at Stroove Beach, with the vast Foyle River to my right, the Innishowen headline to my left and in front, pretty much just horizon as far as the eye could see, other than a slim line where I knew Port Stewart was roughly straight ahead ..."

And we're so pleased that you could see across the bay and that you made it. And congratulations on raising nearly £4000 (to date) for Outdoor Recreation NI & The Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI). To donate, visit Virgin Money Giving.

Read more in Heather's blog about her laser eye 

Or about her big The Times, BBC / Belfast Telegraph (with a great video of the event)

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New sign at the airport

Birmingham airport sign o1 410... as much use as a waterproof teabag to our patients going on holiday.


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Vision & ventures

Vision stairs Mark Wevill 400 1The vision must be followed by the venture.     Vance Havner
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Thanks for the kind words Geraldine


 So, you had 10 pairs of glasses before! trustpilot GMYou were very brave, 

and we're so pleased that it was worth it.

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Sea swim Port Stewart


Another succesful training session!

Well done Heather!


To find out more, visit:

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The best team

Life support training 400


Birmingham Laser team training

We're regularly training to use new & updated instruments, doing refresher courses & updating our skills or training on new instruments because we want to be the best & care for you the best we can. Most of the training we use every day, but we even train to do things we have never had to do, and develop skills we hope to never have to use such as emergency resuscitation.  

We are pleased to report that the resuscitation dummy Annie survived the day to be resuscitated again next time! To read more about this A-team, see:

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Heather's big swim #3

HC Leamington Courier 400


Read about her big swim next month here: and what she has to say about the laser eye surgery that will help get her to the other side:

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Illumination & imagination

Swift lighthouse 400
We may look but not see. And we may see but not have vision.
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British Society for Refractive Surgery

bsrs 400"Thanks to the president of the BSRS (British Society for Refractive Surgery) for inviting me back again this year to talk to surgeon & optometrist colleagues about corneal inlays to improve reading vision." 

Mark Wevill

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Heather's big swim #2

HC laser day 400Heather has had her laser eye treatment! You can read the full story in her blog: "An honest account of laser eye surgery" at But here are some snippets ...

"I was escorted through to a lovely waiting area, there, a lovely lady who I had met at the initial consultation, went through forms and put drops in my eyes. My surgeon then popped in to see me, which I have to say I wasn’t expecting, and it was lovely to see him so happy and calm ready to do crazy things to my eyes.

Mark and his theatre team all spoke to me and confirmed what they were going to do. They did my right eye first. Then it got interesting, from this point everything was like being at the bottom of a swimming pool and opening your eyes, and just seeing people and things above the surface. I could see the outer lights of the laser which formed two dotted circles. Cyber lights started firing up and whizzing around, it did all feel a bit like I was going to be beamed up onto the Starship enterprise, which only lasted (I think) for under 10 seconds. You can’t feel a thing, it is fine. After that (a contact) lens was flipped back over onto my eye, and oh my goodness it was incredible. I could still only see the light dots but they were perfectly clear, I could tell my eyesight was MUCH better already. The same was done to the other, and then I was finished. Probably 7 minutes on each eye I would say.

I stopped myself from high fiving the team as I had wanted to and after thanking them all profusely, sat down with my mother, who was incredibly relieved to have a daughter with two eyes return to her. I sat and looked at everything around me. I could see their faces, I could see the detail in the pictures hanging on the walls and I could read signs already, such relief, and an amazing feeling of joy. Do you know its relaxing too. Spending your day squinting at things isn’t relaxing at all, perhaps my face might have fewer wrinkles too now as a result as I grow older. Mark soon popped in to check on me and asked me to read the time on the clock (which I could!) and checked everything was ok and after being given copious amounts of eye drops and instructions on when to apply them, I was good to go, popped on my Ray Bans and waved everyone fairwell."
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We're so pleased that you're so pleased!

SP Youtube screenshot 400 1

Shona is so pleased she doesn't have to wear glases now and kindly agreed to talk about her experience. Click on this link to hear what she said: 

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Can you see the instruments during surgery?

Jean 800 3Some people see kaleidoscopes, others see stars, comets or coloured lights. But no-one sees the instruments and its not painful. So its not as bad as you think it will be!

Thanks Jean for sharing your experience and for drawing us the picture.
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