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The best news about eyes & Birmingham

That you will read today from ...

Mark @ the National Gallery

Turner painting national Gallery 400Joseph Turner painted "Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway" when he was in his late 60's and was developing cataracts. When cataracts form the lens turns yellow. Blue and green colours are absorbed by the yellow lens, don't pass through it and aren't seen well. This famous Turner picture hanging in the National Gallery is mainly in browns, oranges and yellows. 

Pauline isn't a famous painter but click here to hear her talk about how wonderful the colours are after cataract removal and replacement with a clear, new lens, or click here to read more about cataracts.

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Sikh channel news

sikh channel interview mark wevill 290317 300

Thank you Davinder, Sukhi, Gurpreet & Harjit for inviting Mark Wevill to talk about eye health, cataracts, myopia in children and laser eye surgery on the Sikh Channel today. We hope your viewers enjoyed it as much as he did.

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Myopia cell discovered

Myopia familyMore than a billion people in the world have #myopia (short sightedness) and the number is increasing because it is linked to how much time people spend indoors as children.

A newly discovered retinal cell -- which is highly sensitive to light -- controls how the eye grows and develops. If the cell instructs the eye to grow too long, images fail to be focused on the retina, causing #nearsighted vision and a lifetime of corrective #glasses or #contactlenses. The eye needs to stop growing at precisely the right time during childhood when it reaches the correct length. Read more at

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Pies & eyes ?!?

pies eys 400


No sighs or replies please guys!

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Take care Christy!

See sharks 1 #FullerLives
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Looking & seeing

What you see 400


Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862)
Social reformer, naturalist, philosopher, transcendentalist and scientist who believed that the secret of successful living was to focus on the spiritual rather than material concerns.

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No more PIN numbers, passports and passwords?

Iris recognition 400Our coloured, swirling iris patterns make all eyes unique. Even identical twins have different patterns. In 1994, John Daugman, a British computer scientist invented a mathematical process for turning iris pattern images into digital codes. This paved the way for iris recognition systems used in high security buildings and airports. Iris recognition is so reliable that it might replace passports, credit card PIN numbers and all those online passwords.
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Is everyone suitable for vision correction?

Expectations 400Some people aren’t suitable for vision correction surgery. Telling people not to have surgery and to keep their glasses & contact lenses is more difficult than offering them LASIK or lens implants.

This surgery is seldom needed but often wanted. If there aren’t sufficient benefits, the risks are too high or someone expects too much from the technology then a good surgeon will refuse to treat and recommend glasses.

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Happy New Year!

happy patient 0117 600


Thank you Dawn & a happy, healthy New Year to everyone!

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Happy Christmas Margaret & all our patients

Happy christmas cataract patient 800Thank you for your kind words & a very Happy Christmas to you and all our patients too!
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The amazing Heather

film crew lasikHad fun with the film crew & my amazing patient Heather, who swam 13 miles in cold, rough seas for charity this summer. Read all about it:

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TRUSTPILOT: Thanks Dieter

TP DB 400Thanks for the kind words, Dieter & I'm pleased the treatment has made such a difference to you!
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Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Causes, Morphology and Visual Effect of Cataract by Mark Wevill

Yanoff Duker Ophthalmology cataract 400

Mark Wevill is honoured to have been invited to write a chapter on cataracts once again for the 5th edition of the 1500 page Yanoff & Duker reference textbook used by eye surgeons around the world. Over 250 other authors have been invited to contribute. Thankfully the days of one author writing an entire reference text are over! Click here to read a previous edition of the chapter in Yanoff & Duker.

Please find below PDF to read latest edition, edited by Mark wevill. 



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New laser eye surgery guidelines

coventry telegraph guidelines article 400New guidelines from the General Medical Council are designed to give patients enough time and information to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with cosmetic surgery proceures such as facelifts and other plastic surgery operations. The Royal College of Ophthamologists recommended that laser eye surgery is also included in these guidelines even though patient's cosmetic appearance is not changed by the surgery.

We agree with these new guidelines as they will increase people's trust in laser eye surgery as a safe and effective alternative to glasses and contact lenses.
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Thank you doctor

AC scan 3 400

Aniruddh is an A&E consultant who's used to giving rather than receiving care. He's happy with his laser eye surgery & we were very happy with the chocolates!

Thanks so much Aniruddh.

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Hope & vision

Tutu saying 400 3


Published this week: The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu's discussion of true joy is recorded in "The book of joy". Despite their histories of hardships – or possibly because of them – they are two joyful people who share their thoughts on happiness that is not dependent on circumstances in a changing world. Its how they see, not what they see, that makes the difference.

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Horizontal 400Sunrise and a turbo prop Flybe plane flying at 300 mph with the clouds above racing past. But how can the plane fly fast if the propeller is turning slowly, with bending blades? And it was rotating in reverse.

It's an illusion. A "continuous" video is actually a sequence of images captured at 25 per second then linked together called frames per second (fps). Each propeller blade rotates at 15 revolutions per second. So the camera captures each blade just before it completes a rotation and links them in a video creating the illusion that the propeller is rotating in reverse. And why are the blades bending? That's distortion from an oblique view through the edge of the window.

Our visual system has a much faster fps rate than the 25 fps of the video camera so the propeller is a reassuring blur rotating in the right direction, speeding us to our destination. So, no worries, our eyes are better than cameras. Just sit back & enjoy the flight
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Mohammed Hussain thanks cataract 820

Thank you for your card, your thanks and your prayers, Mohammed. And I am pleased you are seeing well again! Peace be unto you too.

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Attila's got his mojo back

AK instagram fitness youtube 400

Attila is fit, trains hard and looks good with the perfect six pack for men's deodorant advertisements. But he can't compete in body building competitions in glasses. He also loves his retro, steel fixie (fixed wheel) bicycle, but glasses and fixies aren't a good mix either. He wanted to look good AND to see well.

After LASIK he says his vision is "fantastic", he's safer on his bike and he's got his mojo back.

Click to hear more about Attila's mojo and the difference LASIK has made. We don't think it's the LASIK that gets the ladies attention though!

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How old is an old Greenland shark? It's in their eyes ...

Greenland shark eye 400The largest sharks are over 5 metres long and the oldest are over 400 years old! How do we know? An animal's age is usually determined by carbon dating their bones, but as Greenland sharks are cartilaginous fish, this won’t work. But the lenses in animal eyes consist of crystalline proteins which are are deposited in successive layers (like tree rings) over the animal's lifespan. So the shark's lenses are perfect for carbon dating. Read more about carbon dating the Greenland shark's eyes in The Guardian.

However successive layers of protein deposits also causes hardening of lenses. After our mid forties we need reading glasses which get thicker and thicker until we develop cataracts. Old dysfunctional lenses can be replaced with new, advanced technology lenses which "rejuvenate" vision so we can read without glasses again. Click here to read more about treatments for dysfunctional lens syndrome. Unfortunately we can't make you live 400 years but we can help you to live better!
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