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JULY 2013 Telescopic contact lenses

b2ap3_thumbnail_Telescopic-Contact-lens-s.jpg          Incredible, what's next? Contact lenses to see into the future???!

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June 2013 Sweden

Sweden Gullstrand Wevill 600 1Alvar Gullstrand, Nobel Prize Laureate, member of the Nobel Physics Committee and one of the fathers of Optics was born in Landskrona, Sweden. And he was honoured by the town as part of their recent 600 anniversary celebrations. I was invited to give 2 presentations as part of the Gullstrand Memorial Lectures meeting and heard some inspiring lectures by colleagues in the fields of intraocular lenses and laser surgery.

Click here to watch the presentation

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May 2013 Healthy body, healthy eyes



Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and other well known personalities have diabetes and advocate a healthy lifestyle to prevent the complications of the condition damaging the body and eyes. Looking after your health by being slimmer, watching what you eat, exercising and a lower blood pressure are well known to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. And if you do develop it, the consequences to your body and eyes are also minimised. The ocular complications of diabetes include cataracts, swelling of the retina with bleeding, scarring and retinal detachment. These conditions can be treated by surgery, laser therapy and new drugs. However it has now been shown that the results of these treatments are also better in patients who have looked after their health. So, it’s getting warmer, put on your walking shoes and have a crispy salad with your lunch.

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March 2013 Warsaw

Wevill Warsaw ESCRS 600After my ESCRS Congress presentation in Warsaw, I was able to catch up on new developments, old friends and heard some good talks on cataract surgery. Surgeon colleagues were very  interested in the Raindrop reading implant. I was moved by the Warsaw Uprising memorial during my short, cold tour of the city. For 63 days at the end of WW2 the Polish underground Home Army and the German occupiers battled for control of the city while the Red Army watched from the other side of the Vistula River. Warsaw was bombed and burned, 16000 Polish fighters, 16000 Germans and 150 000 civilians died – what a tragedy.

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2012 Fyodorov Institute 600The Fyodorov Institute in Moscow is named after Professor Svyatoslav Fyodorv, one of the pioneers of refractive surgery (surgery to reduce the need for glasses). I was pleased to be invited to present at the Fyodorov Memorial Lectures, part of The 10th Russian Scientific Practical Conference. The Institute has developed and is well known for many innovations including laser assisted cataract surgery (an exciting new advance today, but started 20 years ago in Russia!), conveyor belt surgery and an eye surgery ship which used to moor off the coast of the UK & other European cities. It was like being invited to play at Wembley!

Watch Mark's Moscow presentation on youtube:

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January 2013 India


Mark Wevill APAO2013I was privileged to be invited to present scientific papers at the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Conference in Hyderabad. Nine thousand surgeons attended the conference in this fascinating city!  It was my first visit to India and a great experience. The conference was very interesting, with interesting new techniques and technologies. And the country and culture were vibrant and colorful.

The Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress programme.

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November 2012 Yanoff & Duker textbook

Yanoff Duker Wevill cataractHave finished updating my chapter on "The epidemiology, pathophysiology, causes, morphology and visual effects of cataracts" (what a mouthful!) for the 4th edition of the 1500 page Yanoff & Duker reference textbook used by eye surgeons around the world. Over 250 other authors were invited to contribute. Thankfully the days of one author writing an entire reference text are over! Click here to read the Chapter: Yanoff & Duker: Cataracts by Mark Wevill.

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October 2012 Dubrovnik

Croatian cataract refractive surgery 600I was thankful for the invitation to speak at the Croatian Ophthalmological Society meeting in Dubrovnik just as the winter was starting to arrive in the UK. Sunset over the harbor was a beautiful setting for a good conference.

Read more: Dubrovnik 2012

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September 2012 New Finevision trifocal lens

b2ap3_thumbnail_FineVision-s.jpgI am very impressed with the Finevision trifocal lens implants. They are such an improvement on older multifocal intraocular lenses. The Finevision lenses are living up to their name (Far, INtermediate and NEar vision) and are enabling my patients to drive, work at a computer and see their phones. 

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April 2012 - Uganda

Uganda teaching 600Over 1000 patients were seen by five doctors, five nurses and ten other volunteers from the UK in 5 days. I was also invited to teach surgeons and nurses at Mengo and Kagiso Hospitals. Thanks to Optegra and Lenstec for their generous donations of lenses, equipment, instruments and medicines. I was impressed by the commitment of Kagiso staff and how many patients are treated with few resources. The eye drop manufacturing unit which uses recycled medicine ampules for eye drop bottles was an eye opener!

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