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Mark returns to Swaziland with the gift of improved sight

Mark returns to Swaziland with the gift of improved sight
Our eye surgeon Mark Wevill has performed thousands of laser eye and cataract operations during his long career, giving countless people a better quality of life. Whenever possible, Mark likes to offer the benefit of his experience to help people who are in desperate need of eye treatment.

This month, Mark returns to Swaziland to volunteer his time and expertise to communities that suffer from a lack of eye healthcare. Most of the work Mark carries out there is the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, a procedure that makes a world of difference to those he helps.

When a cataract forms across the previously clear lens, our vision becomes cloudy and many tasks become more difficult. As a highly experienced refractive cataract surgeon, Mark not only removes the cataract, but also replaces the lens with one of the latest intraocular lenses. These amazing lenses extend the range of vision and often have a transformative effect on people’s lives.

For this reason, Mark never travels to Swaziland empty-handed. Thanks to the generosity of the team at the UK division of Lenstec, a state-of-the-art lens manufacturer, Mark always goes armed with hundreds of the latest intraocular lenses. With this donation and Mark’s skill, he is able to positively change the outlook of many people who would otherwise be facing an unclear future.

"Cataracts disable millions of poor people and the only barrier to regaining their independence and dignity is a painless 15-minute operation,” Mark said. “Unfortunately, there are few capable eye surgeons in the poorest countries. I may not be able to help many, but I do what I can to change a few of their lives. And it's amazing that in giving, we receive."

Next month we’ll hear more about Mark’s trip and his mission to bring improved vision to people in need.
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