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Heather's big swim #2

HC laser day 400Heather has had her laser eye treatment! You can read the full story in her blog: "An honest account of laser eye surgery" at But here are some snippets ...

"I was escorted through to a lovely waiting area, there, a lovely lady who I had met at the initial consultation, went through forms and put drops in my eyes. My surgeon then popped in to see me, which I have to say I wasn’t expecting, and it was lovely to see him so happy and calm ready to do crazy things to my eyes.

Mark and his theatre team all spoke to me and confirmed what they were going to do. They did my right eye first. Then it got interesting, from this point everything was like being at the bottom of a swimming pool and opening your eyes, and just seeing people and things above the surface. I could see the outer lights of the laser which formed two dotted circles. Cyber lights started firing up and whizzing around, it did all feel a bit like I was going to be beamed up onto the Starship enterprise, which only lasted (I think) for under 10 seconds. You can’t feel a thing, it is fine. After that (a contact) lens was flipped back over onto my eye, and oh my goodness it was incredible. I could still only see the light dots but they were perfectly clear, I could tell my eyesight was MUCH better already. The same was done to the other, and then I was finished. Probably 7 minutes on each eye I would say.

I stopped myself from high fiving the team as I had wanted to and after thanking them all profusely, sat down with my mother, who was incredibly relieved to have a daughter with two eyes return to her. I sat and looked at everything around me. I could see their faces, I could see the detail in the pictures hanging on the walls and I could read signs already, such relief, and an amazing feeling of joy. Do you know its relaxing too. Spending your day squinting at things isn’t relaxing at all, perhaps my face might have fewer wrinkles too now as a result as I grow older. Mark soon popped in to check on me and asked me to read the time on the clock (which I could!) and checked everything was ok and after being given copious amounts of eye drops and instructions on when to apply them, I was good to go, popped on my Ray Bans and waved everyone fairwell."
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