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Eye Surgeon Mark Wevill has a New Outlook on the World

Eye Surgeon Mark Wevill has a New Outlook on the World
After transforming the lives of over 20,000 patients with laser eye surgery, our surgeon Mark Wevill has now undergone a laser vision correction procedure himself.

During his long career at the leading edge of laser eye surgery, Mark has seen the many benefits of undergoing one of these treatments. Whether through a LASIK or LASEK procedure or, for older patients, lens replacement surgery, Mark has given thousands of people a new outlook on life.

So, when the time came to address his own need for reading glasses, Mark didn’t hesitate to turn to the technology that has given the gift of improved vision to so many people.

“I’ve always had perfect vision but as I’ve grown older, I’ve started to need reading glasses,” Mark said. “I began to find this frustrating because everything nearby appeared to be blurry. Activities like reading a book, looking at my mobile phone and using my computer became difficult, so I had to start using reading glasses in order to do these ordinary, everyday tasks.”

Like so many people in the same position, Mark discovered that living with the need for reading glasses led to inconvenience and expense.

“I had glasses scattered all over the house, car and office, yet I was always losing them and having to buy new pairs,” Mark said. “But fortunately, as an eye surgeon, I knew exactly what the solution was.”

Mark chose to undergo the Presbyond Laser Blended Vision procedure and the results have been fantastic. Suitable for all ages, this technique has worked wonders for Mark and he hasn't used glasses since. He's still discovering his old pairs of reading glasses gathering dust all over the place. So, now he’s keen to help even more people enjoy the benefits of improved vision without glasses.

“Come along to the Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham clinic, so we can have a chat, assess your eyes and find out what your options are,” Mark said. “I trusted my own eyes to laser vision correction because I know that better eyesight really changes lives.”
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