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Back to school with clearer vision

Back to school with clearer vision
As the long summer holidays draw to a close, children everywhere will be excited about seeing their school friends again – while many parents may be breathing a sigh of relief after entertaining the family for weeks!

Returning the children to school could present an unexpected opportunity for parents with poor vision. If you’ve spent all summer squinting over bedtime stories, or struggling to see your youngsters as they waved from distant roller-coasters, now is the time to consider doing something that’s just for you.

Laser eye surgery – LASIK or LASEK – could transform your quality of life so that, by the time the next school holiday rolls around, you could be enjoying greatly improved vision. At Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham, we offer the latest technology in laser vision correction and thousands of people are now seeing the world more clearly thanks to our outstanding service.

Perhaps you’ll be heading back to school yourself, as a mature student at university, college or evening classes? If you have difficulty seeing the board, watching videos or reading textbooks, there’s never been a better time to look into vision correction. Even teachers could benefit from better vision – then you could see exactly who is misbehaving at the back of the class!

For older students, lens replacement surgery could be a more suitable route than laser eye surgery. Also known as refractive lens exchange, this procedure actually replaces your deteriorated lens with one of the latest intraocular lenses.

All our procedures are quick – less than 10 minutes – painless and surprisingly affordable, and you don’t need to wait for another long holiday to recover. So, why not get in touch with our friendly team today and find out more? You could have A+ vision before you know it.
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