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Robotics, the future of eye surgery?

Robotic eye surgeryAre surgeon controlled robots the future of eye surgery? Well, they are precise, movements can be minimised or magnified to improve accuracy, tremors can be reduced and the surgeon doesn't even have to be in the same room or country. But what if the instruments aren't correctly aligned, if there is a delayed response, the link between the surgeon and the robot goes down and magnified movements aren't anticipated? Will there be sensory feedback to the surgeon so that the "feel" of the tissue is true?

It is controversial but these robots are being developed and not only for eye surgery. Read more in this article by Dr. Marc De Smet in "the Ophthalmologist" ...  

Will human surgeons be redundant one day? Will this be the same day robots are driving our cars, trading on the stock exchange and even governing without human intervention? The answer depends on our personal pragmatic or paranoid view of the future.

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Fay Jordan thumbs up 11

Hear Fay talk about her LASIK and the difference it has made to her vision on youtube.

But you don't have to believe us, visit iwantgreatcare.org to read the reviews. And call or contact us to book an appointment.

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7 Tips to avoid summertime itchy, red, puffy eyes

Red itchy puffy eyes

Summer is fantastic, but those itchy, red eyes aren't! Pollens from grasses and trees cause a nasty reaction in some eyes but there are ways to calm it:

1. Stay indoors when pollen counts are highest, usually in mid-morning and early evening. So before you plan your day, check out the easy to read map on the Met Office Midlands pollen count forecast.
2. Driving? Keep the windows closed and run the air conditioner.
3. At home get rid of the pollen in dust. Wash your bedding frequently, get a new mattress and clean floors with a damp mop. Sweeping stirs up rather than getting rid of pollen and other allergens. Curtains trap dust, so put up blinds.
4. Leave your eyes alone, don’t rub them. You are rubbing the pollen in and making your eyes more itchy and red. Try cool compresses instead.
5. When you go out, especially to do sports or in the wind, wear your glasses (wrap around types are better) which blocks pollen from your eyes.
6. If you have dry eyes, use lubricating tear eyedrops to dilute and wash out the pollens that have got into your eyes.
7. Don't wear your contact lenses, they will irritate your eyes even more. So switch to glasses until the pollen count goes down or have laser or lens surgery to correct your vision!

If this doesn't help then get professional help. 

So, reduce the amount of pollen getting into your eyes and anything else that can irritate your eyes and your eyes will look and feel better this summer. 

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All the best to the Bikeathon riders on Sunday


Hot town summer in the city / Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty / Apologies to Styx, Stranglers & others for using this ditty / But if you don't get out it will be a pity / So why not do the Bikeathon this Sunday 5th July (sorry this doesn't rhyme!).

Hope its a great day out for all riders & well done for helping to fight blood cancers!

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Birmingham's cycle revolution

Birmingham cycle paths at rush hour 1500x300 1

Birmingham city council’s £24 million pound investment transforming the canal towpaths into bike networks has made cycling into the city a great way to get to work. Rush hour on the canalside watching ducklings and goslings is so much better than glaring at the tail lights of the frustrated driver in front.

So thank you to our city council and why not try out a new workday commute? Arriving healthier and happier is a great way to start the day! See the maps & read more on the Birmingham cycle revolution site ...

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Zeiss Academy @ Royal College of Physicians

Royal College of physicians  Edward Archer 1200

I hope my colleagues enjoyed my presentation about new vision correction technologies at the Zeiss academy meeting at the Royal College of Physicians in London. And I took the opportunity to demonstrate new computer technology to some older physicians including Dr. Edward Archer (1717-1789) who helped develop the vaccine for smallpox which has saved many millions of children.

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"Well worth it" Volkswagen advert

Laser clinic volkswagen advert

Volkswagen does it again! This quirky ad gets a giggle but with an important message about compromising on quality!

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The Look of Silence

Look of silence film 1

Mass killings in Indonesia in the mid-1960s didn't make the news much internationally. But this film, The Look Of Silence reveals the anguished memories and opened in the UK today.  An optometrist whose older brother was killed in the slaughter interviews the brother's killers and sometimes gives them eye tests as well. Laser eye surgery won't help the killers whose insight which is worse than their sight!

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Thank you

Trust pilot review LZ 1

Thank you for your

kind words Lena.

Best wishes, Mark  

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6 pm 18th June: You're invited

Fuller life evening event invitation s2To hear about vision correction, meet the team including the
surgeon, Mark Wevill, & have a peek at our impressive
technology at Optegra in Birmingham 6 pm on Thursday 18th June

Over some nibbles & a tipple you can learn about how we could
change your life & give you vision for the way you live. We
would also like to answer your questions & for you to see our
5 star eye hospital.

Call 0808 281 8752 to book your place or click to book

View directions

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All the best to Birmingham's Neales!

The  Neales BGT Birmingham

Well done the Neale's for your moving "Father & Son" performance. Dad Laurie says “Before my heart attack I always thought there’d be time later on to do everything I wanted to in life. Then I had a wake-up call that maybe I wouldn’t have time. Music was always my passion and enjoying music with my sons is all I’ve ever wanted. Hopefully now this is our time.” As judge Alesha said, we "connect with you because the most important thing in the world is family," And what a family you are! Congratulations for getting through the semifinals & all the very best for the BGT finals on Sunday. CLICK TO LISTEN & WATCH OUT FOR THE LUMP IN YOUR THROAT.

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Royal College of Ophthalomologists @ the Arena & Convention Centre, Liverpool

Royal College of Ophthalmologists Mark Wevill 450From Las Palmas to Liverpool for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Conference 2015! What Liverpool lacked in sunshine it more than made up for with the impressive Arena & Convention Centre on Merseyside. The historic waterfront has been rejuvenated and updated and was a great venue for the RCO Conference. Which is somewhat of an analogy of my presentation to surgeon colleagues about updates on rejuvenation of reading vision with corneal surgery. So, why do we need reading glasses and how can we read again without them? Read more ...


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The new Symfony lens

Mark Wevill Conference symfony lens presentation 700

Having reviewed results with the new Symfony lens implant, I was invited to give a presention to surgeon colleagues at the Spanish Ophthalmological Society in Las Palmas this weekend. The weather, food, company and the island were fabulous. Thank you, Dr. Vicente Rodriguez for being such a gracious and generous host. And the results showed that the lens is very good too!

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Spring in their step @ The Great Birmingham run

Great Birmingham Run 1200 1

All the best to the thousands of runners and fund raisers in the first Great Birmingham Run this weekend. May the sun shine and the day be a memorable one for everyone in our city. And why don't you consider enjoying an active summer without glasses and contact lenses? 

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Birmingham city plan

The Birmingham Post #Nicklin Unseen supplements and brumpic.com published a nostalgic collection of pictures of old Brum. The city wasn't pretty. But what a fantastic transformation we are experiencing with the Birmingham big city plan. The Bullring, new library, The Cube & other exciting new buildings have started the Brum development revolution. And the new New Street and HS2 stations, Paradise Circus and others will transform the city into a vibrant, progressive city we can be proud to live in. Matthew Boulton, James Watt and William Murdoch (pondering their plans in front of the new library) would be pleased. Thank you to the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Birmingham City Council (BCC) and other visionaries who are leading the way.

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BSRS 2015 350Mark writes: "I was honoured to be invited to speak at the British Society of Refractive Surgery Conference which was attended by opinion leaders in the UK and Europe. Interesting new developments, insights and opinions on existing technologies and techniques were hotly debated. Congratulations to the organisers for a good conference."

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Ruth Langsford at Hampton Manor, Hampton in Arden

Ruth Langsford Solihull

Ruth Langsford loves life with her lens implants and without her glasses. Ruth explained to patients how frustrated she was trying to see the autoprompt and her notes as a presenter on ITV's "This morning". At a great Optegra evening dinner with Ruth & my consultant colleagues she explained how much of a difference her Clarivu procedure at Optegra has made to both her professional and personal life. You can hear her yourself on Youtube or come to the next Optegra open evening and she may be there. 

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Skiing & web design after lens surgery

Johnny Parkhouse evans testimonial c

Where are those specs Jonny? 

"I know, I know, they made me look intelligent and handsome - but for the sports I enjoy they were a bit of a handicap (golf when it rains and skiing, all the time). So, in October 2014 I decided to have lens replacement. After extensive research and several visits to different surgeons I selected Mr Mark Wevill from Optegra in Birmingham. I am pleased to say that all went really well. I now read without specs and can also do all my sports now without any extra help. Fantastic."

Click here to see Jonny's web creations or here to read more about the difference treatment has made to him.


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The blue black gold white dress

So what is the buzz about this dress & why has the story gone viral in the media and online?

75% of the buzzfeed respondents said they saw a black/blue dress including Justin Bieber & the rest saw gold/white including Kim Kardashian. The answer is ... it was made in Birmingham by Roman originals is actually blue/black!

But why the fuss? Is it because we actually all see colours differently? Or could it just be an optical illusion?

Have a look at the middle green squares & the green colours all look different. But they are actually the same! Our eyes see colours but the visual system of our brains interprets and gives us our perception of colour . Our interpretation and perception of a colour is affected by the colours that surround them, which can create an optical illusion.

So, is the white background of the image causing an optical illusion with the dress colours? Or do different people see colours differently? Neuroscientists have been trying to understand this for a while. Could it be chromatic adaptation / white balance? Despite the complex science, the implications for your next choice of shoes, car and wall paint are huge. What will your partner, family and friends think of it? Does it matter!

Well at least we can be certain of one thing. Roman originals & Birmingham have the world's attention, briefly.

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Atmospheric optics and our eyes 350Another beautiful early morning flight and spectacular views over the peak district. But why is the snow on the peaks pink? It is because of atmospheric optics and is caused by scattering of light in the atmosphere.

White sunlight is a combination of all the colours of the rainbow and each colour has its own wavelength. When the sun is low at sunset & sunrise the sunlight passes through MORE atmosphere as it strikes the edge of the earth tangentially. The longer wavelength colours are absorbed more than the shorter. Red has the longest wavelength and is scattered the least.

So red is the colour that manages to penetrate the greater distance of the atmosphere at dawn and dusk, and was reflected beautifully off the snow covered peaks and clouds this morning. Pollution, dust and other particles in the atmosphere also cause the spectacular atmospheric optics we have become accustomed to. Read more about our beautiful world and atmospheric optics on Wikipedia.

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