Why having laser eye surgery could help save the planet

Like many people who are concerned about environmental damage, you may be looking to reduce the amount of single-use plastics you consume in your everyday life.

From taking reusable shopping bags to the supermarket, to forgoing a straw in your cocktail, there are many ways that ordinary people can help to reduce their impact on the environment. However, if you wear disposable contact lenses, you could be contributing to plastics pollution without even realising it.

A study by US researchers has found that 15-20% of contact lens wearers there simply flick the used lenses down the toilet or the bathroom sink, rather than disposing of them in the bin. This can result in many of those discarded lenses ending up in waste water treatment plants, before ultimately being spread onto farmland as part of sewage sludge – thereby increasing the plastic pollution problem.

There is a way that you could enjoy the double benefit of never having to buy, carry or wear contact lenses again, while also doing your bit to protect the planet. LASIK or LASEK laser eye surgery – or, for older people, lens replacement surgery – could free you from glasses and contact lenses by giving you dramatically improved eyesight. Not only would you have the freedom of better vision, you’d also have the peace of mind that comes with no longer using disposable contact lenses.

If you’re not sure whether laser vision correction could be for you, why not give us a call at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham? Our highly experienced eye surgeon Mark Wevill has carried out these quick, pain-free procedures on over 20,000 people, making the world a brighter place for those who previously suffered from poor vision. Get in touch today to find out what Mark could do for you.

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