The Love Island star who fell for laser eye surgery

If you’re one of the millions of TV viewers who has been enjoying Love Island this summer, you’ll be familiar with the difficulties of both staying cool and looking hot on the beach!

Former Love Island star Kaz Crossley has recently revealed the struggles she endured on the show while trying to deal with her poor eyesight. Kaz, 24, told the press that she had suffered from vision problems since primary school and her time on the glamorous TV dating show last year really exacerbated the issue.

Keen to look her best in the luxury villa, Kaz wore contact lenses every day but this soon became uncomfortable and inconvenient.

She told the Express: “It was affecting me quite a lot. There were times I’d forget my contact lenses. No one really knows I wear glasses but it was a really big struggle wearing contact lenses every day. People who wear glasses will understand wearing contact lenses is a massive chore. You need your eyes to rest as well.”

Designer sunglasses are a must on the Love Island beaches, but without prescription shades, Kaz was forced to keep wearing contacts. Kaz also found that another fashion staple – false eyelashes – were impossible to wear with glasses.

“My eyes were really dry, it was a lot of playing around with your eyes,” she said.

That’s why Kaz decided to rid herself of glasses and contact lenses by undergoing laser eye surgery and she’s delighted with the results.

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So, dump your glasses and contact lenses and start your love affair with great vision today.

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