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As we get older, many of us will find that our eyesight starts to fail gradually over time. This often manifests itself in the most annoying ways as we start to struggle with close-up tasks, such as reading, using our computers or looking at our mobile phones.

But do you have to live with this slow deterioration of your vision and the inconvenience it brings? Absolutely not!

At Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham we offer the very latest in laser eye surgery techniques and other cutting-edge treatments. If you’re over 45 and struggling with vision problems, you may find greater benefit in lens replacement surgery than laser eye surgery.

This was the case for Gary, a Harley Davidson enthusiast who underwent femto lens surgery and received advanced lens implants after he became frustrated with the effect of poor vision on his daily life.

As an engineer, Gary needed to wear his glasses or contact lenses at work, which was a hassle when he had to wear safety glasses over his normal glasses, for example. The final straw came when, on a motorcycling holiday in Europe, Gary was driven crazy by continually having to remove his helmet and put his glasses on just to read a text on his phone.

On his return home, he turned to our expert eye surgeon Mark Wevill for help. During the painless, 10-minute procedure, Gary’s natural lens was softened and removed, to be replaced by an advanced optic lens. The result has put Gary’s life into a whole different gear.

“Now I don’t need to wear glasses at all and it’s just fabulous,” Gary said.

If you’d like to get on the road to better vision, get in touch with our friendly team or visit our lens replacement surgery page for more information.

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