My vision correction story: Heidi

Heidi is a team member at Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham, where she takes care of the bookings for NHS cataract patients and also greets visitors at the reception desk. Heidi had always been very short-sighted – in a family of people with poor vision, she believed that her eyesight was definitely the worst.

Although Heidi sometimes wore contact lenses, if she was having a bad day and experiencing discomfort or dryness, she would be forced to wear thick glasses, which she disliked. She was also concerned about the impression this would make on visitors to a hospital that specialises in giving people freedom from wearing glasses.

Like many people, Heidi had some concerns and apprehension about undergoing laser eye surgery: Would it achieve a good result? Would the treatment be a safe and sensible choice for her?

Our highly experienced surgeon Mark Wevill carried out laser eye surgery on Heidi last year and she says it has changed her life in ways she couldn’t have anticipated.

“My eyesight was minus 7 or 8 before the surgery and this experience has been absolutely life-changing,” she says. “It’s amazing, I can see perfectly – I never imagined the result would be so good. I no longer have to bother with contact lenses or glasses. It’s great to not worry about putting anything in my eyes before I go out of the front door.”

Heidi now has the best eyesight in her family, so her impressed relatives are interested in having laser eye surgery too!

If you’d like find out how laser vision correction or lens replacement surgery at Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham could change your life, get in touch with our team today. There’s never been a better time to give you the improved vision that you deserve.

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