Laser eye surgery offers advantage on the tennis court

On 1st July, Wimbledon gets underway once again and is sure to provide another thrilling fortnight of world-class tennis action.

Tennis clubs are likely to see a surge in interest after the tournament, as novices and returners alike are inspired to pick up a racket. But if you have vision problems, getting onto the court can be challenging.

Wearing glasses to play as energetic a sport as tennis is far from ideal, because glasses can move around on the face as you chase the bal. Some people avoid playing simply because they’re afraid of dropping and damaging their glasses.

Older players who wear varifocals face yet another problem. The lower half of the lenses, designed for reading, will be out of focus during the match and can give the ground a curved appearance. Not very helpful when you’re trying to land a match-winning shot!

Contact lenses aren’t always a satisfactory solution either, as even the tiniest bit of dirt or grit caught behind them can cause great discomfort and even infection.

As for so many sports, Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham can provide the answer with our life-changing vision correction techniques. Our LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery treatments can rid patients of glasses and contact lenses, while for older patients, lens replacement surgery could be a more effective way to achieve similar brilliant results.

Although tennis isn’t a contact sport, accidents are always a possibility. Optegra is the first provider in the West Midlands to offer the innovative SMILE technique, which leaves the eye more robust and less vulnerable to injury. Our eye surgeon Mark Wevill is one of the few professionals in the Birmingham area to be qualified to carry out the procedure.

Even if you’re not a Wimbledon champion in the making, you deserve to play to your full potential, with help from Laser Eye Surgery Birmingham.

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